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Evvolute Vehicles are the future mode of personal transportation providing clean and Green Energy. Get Evvolute E-bike to Discover New You in New Style.

EVVOLUTE VECTOR e-bike is a complete all-rounder. It’s a perfect Crossbreed between a bike and a bicycle. It not only helps you cut through the traffic but also helps you burn calories instead of fuel. Recharge Your Soul and Save Green at the same time!
Set a New Trend in New Style!

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But simply starting an engineering revolution wasn’t enough. We wanted our collection to have its own, distinct identity, and not simply look like bicycles with batteries added. So our team created an entire range of ebikes that ride as beautifully as they look.

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Key Features

  • Li-ion Battery Pack with Auto Cut-off
  • Integrated & Compact Battery Pack
  • Cruise Control
  • 25 km/hr. Max Speed (on throttle)
  • 40-80 km Range 40km: Full Throttle 80km: Pedal Assist (3rd Gear+3rd Mode P.A.)
  • 5-Stage Pedal Assist
  • 4.30 hrs. to 5.30 hrs. Charge Time
  • 0.5 UNIT (For Full Charge) Electricity Consumption
  • Splash Resistance
  • Silent Drive
  • No LICENCE Required
  • Eco-Friendly